Beginning Stock Trader

Everything a beginner needs to know to learn to trade on the stock market

Beginning Stock Trader

Everything a beginner needs to know to learn to trade on the stock market

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The stock market has averaged a 10% return in the past 90 years. Compare that number to savings accounts which are currently offering less than 1/2 percent interest per year.

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Beginning Stock Trader FounderA Note From Our Founder

Hello and thanks for visiting Beginning Stock Trader. I began investing in financial markets while I was a sophomore in college. At the time it was something that I did for fun. I had very little to invest, making it hard to make any meaningful amount of money.

There were thousands of online sources, classes, chatrooms, groups, and programs that promised fantastic returns and easy money. Most of the free content wasn’t taught in an order that made sense and I felt like there were large gaps in my understanding. It took nearly two years for me to feel like I had enough of a foundation to invest more than my pocket money.

I wasn’t happy with how hard I felt it was to learn and so I built Beginning Stock Trader. I wanted a platform that taught people stock market basics for free, in an order that made sense. I wanted courses that were built for beginners with no knowledge of markets as well as product reviews on products that often sucker beginners into spending a lot of money. Finally, I wanted a place where beginners could talk with each other and ask questions without feeling dumb.

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Investing is hard. Mistakes will be made. Money will be lost. There will be new questions that arise every single day with answers that are hard to find. Join the Beginning Stock Trader community and connect with hundreds of other investors still at the beginning of their investing careers. You can also ask questions directly to seasoned investors and receive a response back within 24 hours.

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