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Will iPhone ‘X’ Sales Boost Apple Stock?

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Following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone X release, the company’s smartphone sales have dropped significantly. Customers seem to be putting off buying current models, preferring to wait for the top-of-the-line product to hit stores in November. The iPhone X, Apple’s most advanced iPhone to-date, was unveiled at Apple’s Cupertino Campus on September 12th in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary….

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Different Ways Millennial are Changing Online Trading

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Millennials Generation Y, widely referred to as Millennials comprise the group of people born between 1982 and 2004. Currently, the millennials have edged out the baby boomers as the biggest generation worldwide. They are named millennials because they were born near or immediately after the dawn of the 21st century – the new millennium. The members of this age group…

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Will IBM Stock Continue to Drop?

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Following the release of its earnings report for the 1st quarter of 2017, shares in IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) lost 4.7% of their value on April 19th, in pre-trade exchanges at $161.98. As a result, this blue-chip stock started the session at its lowest level in more than 4 months. This was just 7 weeks after it hit $181.95…

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Binary Options for Beginning Stock Traders

The stock market and retirement

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Don’t we all want to retire early? The idea of only being 40 years old and having all of the pressures of money and finances taken off your shoulders? Imagine how many years that could add to your life. Many people have managed to make this vision a reality with the stock market. Now I am not going to sell…

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Foreign Currency Exchange For All

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One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the foreign currency exchange (Forex) is that you have to have to extremely wealthy or be ‘in the biz’ to really make money. That is a myth propelled by those who want you to pay them to do it for you (a fund) and those who simply do not understand how…

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brokers for beginners

Broker Regulation

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Before you consider choosing a broker to trade with, you have to be certain that the broker has all the right credentials and is most importantly, regulated. Unregulated brokers have been operating in the market and have provided for numerous complaints. When a broker is properly regulated, you have an authority with the governmental agency where you can officially lodge…

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