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Trading Trump Tail Risk

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Over the past few months, a consistent mantra in the markets has been “Trump Tail Risk”. Much like Brexit, these tail risk events can throw financial markets into disarray as traders and Economic models have to adjust. One thing that financial markets do not like is uncertainty. Given that there has not been much clarity on policy during the campaign,…

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Binary Options for Beginners

Safely Trading in Binary Options as a Beginner

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Binary Options has been described as one of the most fascinating trading styles of the current era. Over the years, its popularity has increased tremendously with quite the pace. Most of the traders want to start trade binaries due to their simplicity, large assets availability, small capital investment and calculated risk factor. This trading form has given many traders a…

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Elections 2016 and the Stock Market

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While no one  knows the outcome of the elections, nor the direction the stock market is going to take in the next year, you can be sure the two will be correlated. Over the past 100 years there has been definitive trends between what kind of year the markets are having, and current political events. One interesting item to note…

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Trading stocks on the margin

Deutsche Bank: What’s the Deal

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Shares of Deutsche Bank have been getting slammed lately as questions about the banks liquidity continue to plague investors. A lot of beginners may not quite understand what the big deal is, so here is a brief breakdown. During the financial crisis in 2008 nearly every bank in the U.S., and virtually the world, was on the verge of collapse….

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Elections and Stocks

Elections and Stock Markets

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It should be no secret that the US is in the midst of one of the most contentious and bitter election cycles in recent memory. One especially interesting part of the elections is the disunity within political parties. Most pundits foresaw the battle that would commence among Republicans if Trump was elected, but very few foresaw the rift that is taking...
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