If you have made it this far you now know enough to start investing. Sort of. Most investors started out trading on what is called virtual stock trading sites. These are websites and apps that mirror the market perfectly in every way, except you do not have to use real money while investing. Using one of these sites will give a beginning stock trader the ability to start searching for stocks and patterns, without losing actual money in the learning process. There are dozens of virtual stock trading sites that would do just fine. Here are a few options!

H0w the stock market works simulation

How the Market Works

Recommended by Beginning Stock Trader as the number one free virtual stock market game, How the Market Works is incredible. This site also allows beginners to try their hand in other types of trading including options and currency. Traders have the ability to set their broker fees and account balances to come as close to their personal reality as possible. Also included is a stock market game to compete with friends, co-workers, and other interested parties and see who is the best beginning trader.


The best part about Market Watch’s platform is the participating community. Being a first-time stock trader can be hard and often feel like your drinking out of a firehose. One of the best ways to maximize your learning is to have conversations with others who have been trading stocks for years. You will develop the stock market lingo much quicker, as well as learn to think like the professional investors. Market Watch is also perfectly in time with the real stock market for complete realisticity.

Choosing the best stock market game

Stock market game for beginners

Wall Street Survivor

If you value a good user interface Wall Street Survivor is the virtual stock game for you. They are known for their modern design and their intuitive platform. There is also a nifty little assistant that will help you as you make your first few stock trades. The platform will also tell you if the stock you chose is a good idea based on algorithms. It will look at fundamentals, technicals, and the general sentiment of the stock and give an informed (as informed as a computer can be) breakdown of the stock you would like to purchase.


If you want a standard, realistic, no-fluff virtual game to play then UpDown should be your choice. One favorite feature is the games that have the potential to win real money. No money is required to play the game, and there is no risk to you, but if you think you have what it takes to smoke the stock market and the pros then give UpDown’s stock market game a shot. UpDown also comes with classes and additional resources to help you on your journey to improving yourself as a stock trader.

Stock market simulation for beginners

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