Spread Betting as A New Income Source

Deutsche BankIf you want to make money without having to put forth labor (in an office, in a field, in a factory, etc.), then you’re going to have to learn how to invest. Investment is putting money into something with the hope that it’ll make you more money in the end.

An investment is distinct from a speculation because it can be understood and improved. The more you know and/or the better you make the thing you’re invested in, the more likely it will be to give you excellent returns.

Knowledge and Improvement of Investments

The problem is, not every investor is in a situation wherein he or she can improve upon the investment. Unless you’re someone like Warren Buffett, for example, you probably don’t have enough money to buy 40% of a successful company so that you can sit on their board and improve the business. You may be able to improve upon a house you’ve invested in, but in most other cases, normal investors have to rely on knowledge to give them the upper hand.

This is where spread betting comes in. Spread betting is a great pursuit for people who can’t afford large portfolios of stocks. This is because spread betting with brokers like ETX Capital will let you make educated investment decisions without requiring you to buy stake in a company. Spread betting still costs money, but it’s cheaper to start. Here’s how that works.

Spread Betting is Affordable to Begin

It takes tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in available capital to build an investment portfolio that performs. On the contrary, spread betting requires not even one thousand dollars to begin. This is because you will be making informed speculations about the future value of stocks, indices, Forex, commodities, and more, with returns based on the accuracy of your bets.

An Example of Spread Betting Decisions

Let’s say you are interested in the Euro, because you are thinking about moving to Europe in the next year. Before you send all of your money overseas, you want to make sure that you have the best possible exchange rate (i.e. that USD is at its highest point over the value of the Euro).

In waiting for the most advantageous opportunity, you learn about the political environment of Europe and how it affects the value of the Euro. You become knowledgeable about Brexit. You follow European elections. You begin to understand how international issues impact the immediate price of the Euro.

With spread betting, you can leverage that knowledge with a prediction about the future value of the Euro. If you’re sure that in one week, Brexit fallout will cause the Euro to lose value, you can create a spread betting contract for just this purpose. With a minimal investment commitment, you can get real dividends if indeed the prices change as you predicted when the time runs out.

Spread Betting as a Second Income Source

With experience and research, you can become educated enough about a variety of currencies, commodities and securities that you can leverage a very small initial investment into a second income! Experienced spread betters make money quickly, even while they’re at work. Because all you have to do is commit funds and initiate a contract, a spread bet doesn’t take maintenance. All it takes is time.

Spread betting is a serious option for anyone with investment experience, knowledge about the world and its markets, or hope for supplemental income. Take the time to learn the ropes, and you’ll be make money with spread betting in no time.

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